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Toby is a happy, 1-year-old pit bull who loves his family! Toby was adopted from a shelter in the fall of 2016 and was just recently found to be heartworm positive. Dr. Kaitlin Young of Banfield Pet Hospital in Chesterfield contacted the Michigan Animal Health Foundation about her client that was on WIC. The foundation agreed to cover up to $500 of the treatment needed to help Toby.

Miss Prissy Pants

Miss Prissy Pants is a pretty kitty who was brought to Bayshore Veterinary Hospital on June 7. The cat had a significant intestinal obstruction requiring surgery and her owner was unable to pay. Dr. Tim Hunt remember the MAHF Companion Animal Fund and was able to get assistance.


Lacie is a loving 12-year-old cat that came to the veterinary practice with many issues.  She was losing weight, itchy, pulling her hair out and had a rapid heart rate with volume murmer.  Through tests they found Lacie had issues with her lungs, an enlarged liver and other issues.  Through a series of treatments, Lacie is improving and feeling much better with the help of financial assistance from the Companion Animal Fund.

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