Labrador being examined by veterinarian

Meet Tasha, an 11 1/2 Year Old Labrador Retriever Cross

Tasha is lovely 11 ½ year old Labrador retriever cross with zest for life … and food! When her appetite decreased and she was moping around the house her family knew she was in trouble. Within a couple of days Tasha’s signs progressed to inappetance, lethargy and vomiting. Tasha’s Dad took her to Great Lakes Hospital for Animal (GLHA) to see Dr. Melinda Smith. Dr. Smith and her team quickly diagnosed Tasha with pyometra, an infection of the uterus. Emergency surgery was required to save Tasha’s life. Dr. Smith, her assistant Courtney Bohlinger, CVPM and members of the GLHA team performed the life- saving surgery Friday evening. Saturday morning Tasha had a skip in her step and was bright, alert and responsive. Her appetite returned and she was back to normal-plus within a week! Tasha and her family are so grateful to Dr. Smith and the GLHA team for their compassion and wonderful care. “We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Michigan Animal Health Foundation’s Companion Animal Fund to help Tasha and her family. The Companion Animal Fund will have a strong impact in the community allowing families to seek treatment for feline and canine family members that might seem financially out of reach.” Tasha is a beloved family member, constant companion and trusted friend. We are so happy that the MAHF Companion Animal Fund was there to help Tasha recover and reunite with her family.

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