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The Companion Animal Fund was created to subsidize non-elective veterinary care for pets whose owners would otherwise be unable to afford it.  Some of the groups most dependent on companion animals often experience difficulty in obtaining treatment in the case of unforeseen circumstances due to inadequate finances.  Thus, MAHF created the Companion Animal Fund to help pet owners who have income under the federal poverty level, are on Medicaid or are on WIC (Women Infants & Children) get the necessary care for their beloved animals.

Information for Pet Owners

The Companion Animal Fund offers financial assistance toward non-elective veterinary care for pets in need.  Qualified pet owners may receive support of up to $500 to their MVMA clinic to be used toward necessary and/or emergency treatments.  In order to qualify for funding, pet owners must:

  • Be otherwise unable to pay for treatment
  • Be a current client of a veterinary hospital with an animal being treated by a member of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
  • Be under the federal poverty level, on Medicaid or on WIC (Women Infants & Children) and be able to provide proof

If you think you qualify for supplemental funds from the Companion Animal Fund, please consult with your veterinarian about submitting a Funding Application.  As this program is a service to MVMA members, all applications must be completed by your veterinary clinic.

If you’d like to become more involved in fundraising, please contact your veterinarian to help your clinic raise money or contact the Michigan Animal Health Foundation at  You may also donate here.

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