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This is Bean. He visited Mackinaw Veterinary Associates a few months back for a second opinion on heart disease. Bean was having severe bloating episodes along with labored breathing and coughing and a Grade V/VI murmur was noted. With the help of MVMA and the Companion Animal Fund, Bean was referred to Veterinary Cardiology Consultants for an echocardiogram. The echo and rest of cardiac work-up revealed a grade II/VI murmur and mild mitral regurgitation. After this report, Mackinaw Veterinary Associates reviewed his previous records again and noted that the murmur returned to low grade between bloat episodes and increased again when bloated. At this point we tried putting Bean and a prescription hydrolyzed protein diet to see if the bloating episodes were GI related and just causing secondary compression issues for the heart and lungs. Bean’s owner reports that he is doing very well on the new diet and only having occasional bloating at this time and not as severe as before. Bean’s owners were considering euthanasia when this was thought to be heart disease and he was not improving on heart medications. Without the help of the Companion Animal Fund, Bean would not have been able to do the referral with the cardiologist and may not be here today. 

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