Here’s How to Help Yourself, Your Clients, and Your Patients.

By now you know that the Michigan Animal Health Foundation has a Companion Animal Fund that subsidizes non-elective treatment to a select group of pet owners who have inadequate finances for necessary treatments. MVMA member hospitals are eligible to receive up to $500 per client and a total of up to $500 per clinic annually.

Companion Animal Fund Month, held in October, is the foundation’s biggest fundraising event. Throughout the month-long campaign, we are asking veterinary clinics across Michigan to collect money and hold special events and fundraisers in honor of people, pets and the Companion Animal Fund.

To help veterinary clinics make the most of their campaigns, we would like to send you a free fundraising kit to help encourage donations. The kits will include posters, brochures, instructions and ideas, and post-it paw prints on which you can write donor names to post on a wall.

Companion Animal Fund Month is a time for you to get involved in raising money to help clients and their animals. It’s an easy and fun experience for your whole team! It can be as simple as offering an opportunity for clients to donate or as involved as hosting your own charity event like a dog walk, open house, BBQ, family event, etc.

The 3 clinics raising the most funds during the month of October will each receive 1 free registration to the Michigan Veterinary Conference (a $355+ value).

If you’d like to receive a kit, please let us know by contacting us at mvma@michvma.org or 517/347-3710. You will need to supply your name, practice name, mailing address, phone and email address to sign up. Kits will be sent out the week of September 18.

For more information on the Michigan Animal Health Foundation, go to the Companion Animal Fund web page.

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