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The Companion Animal Fund was created to subsidize non-elective veterinary care for pets whose owners would otherwise be unable to afford it.  Some of the groups most dependent on companion animals often experience difficulty in obtaining treatment in the case of unforeseen circumstances due to inadequate finances.  Thus, MAHF created the Companion Animal Fund to help pet owners who have income under the federal poverty level, are on Medicaid or are on WIC (Women Infants & Children) get the necessary care for their beloved animals.

Information for Veterinarians

The Companion Animal Fund is a service to MVMA members that subsidizes non-elective treatment to a select group of pet owners. In order to qualify for funding, pet owners must:

  • Be otherwise unable to pay for treatment
  • Be a current client of a veterinary hospital with an animal being treated by a member of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
  • Be under the federal poverty level, on Medicaid or on WIC (Women Infants & Children)

MVMA veterinary hospitals are eligible to receive up to $500 per client and a total of up to $500 per clinic/hospital. Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis until the year’s supply has run out and will begin again at the start of the next year. We hope to expand both funding and eligibility in the future and increase the total funds allotted per clinic/hospital.

As this is an MVMA member service, funding applications must be completed and submitted by veterinary staff and signed by an MVMA member. Applications will not be accepted from pet owners. Click here for a fund application and other information needed to apply.

Companion Animal Fund Month:Information for Veterinary Clinics

Companion Animal Fund Month, the foundation’s largest fundraising event is held in October each year. All donations made to the Michigan Animal Health Foundation during the month of October go to the Companion Animal Fund benefitting pets in need.

Companion Animal Fund Month is a time for you to get involved in raising money for the Michigan Animal Health Foundation. It is an easy and fun experience for your whole team!  It can be as simple as offering an opportunity for clients to donate or as involved as hosting your own charity event like a dog walk, open house, BBQ, family event, etc.  Contact us to receive a promotional kit for your clinic or hospital.  The three clinics raising the most funds during the month of October will each receive one free registration to the Michigan Veterinary Conference (a $355 value)!

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