Meet Our New Friend Kimber

Submitted by karahenrys on Fri, 10/06/2017 - 16:49
Meet Kimber

Kimber arrived at Hall Veterinary Clinic with a very painful ear caused by an infection. The infection caused so much inflammation that there were permanent, tough “cauliflower” growths within Kimber’s ear canal. This advanced stage of infection and chronic inflammation required surgical treatment.   Without surgery, Kimber would require long term antibiotics and pain medication, which was really only palliative treatment.


Kimber’s Mom and Dad are very devoted parents.   Previously, Kimber saw a veterinary ophthalmologist for repair of a severe, non-healing corneal ulcer likely caused by Kimber scratching at her sore ear.  Everyone was concerned that without surgery for her ear, Kimber would likely scratch and reinjure the eye.  Kimber’s family was in a difficult place, facing many complications from the ear infection.


It so happened that Dr. Susan Hall had recently read about the Michigan Animal Health Foundation’s Companion Animal Fund which helps dedicated, loving owners like Kimber’s family do more for their pets than would otherwise be possible. Because the generous assistance was still not enough to cover the complete cost of this kind of a surgery at a specialty surgical hospital, Dr. Hall decided to perform a modified surgical procedure at Hall Veterinary Clinic.


Kimber had her surgery on 6/8/17 and at the time of her recheck appointment on 6/27 she was finally able to escape her “cone of shame”. So far, Kimber is much more comfortable, although we will always need to be extra diligent about the care of her ear.  Dr. Hall, Kimber, and Kimber’s family are very grateful to the MVMA CAF for the assistance.