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Founded in 1969 by the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, the Michigan Animal Health Foundation (MAHF) was created to allow those who love animals an opportunity to donate money to assist in improving animal health and well-being through tax-exempt contributions.MAHF provides grants to those working on research and educational projects that help animals to have longer, better, and healthier lives and advance the practice of medicine.

We work hard to improve the lives of animals.

Every day, we work to improve the lives of animals, but we need you by our side. As a MAHF supporter, you can help provide care for an animal that would otherwise not receive it.

Current Stories

vet caring for a labrador laying in examination table

This is Arthur

Arthur is a 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy that came in to Family Friends Veterinary Hospital after being very lethargic and vomiting for several ...
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labradoodle laying on grass playing with a tennis ball

Our New Friend Ziggy!

Ziggy is a very sweet 12-year-old golden doodle who was brought to All Creatures Animal Clinic in Ann Arbor and diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.
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large white and brown dog posing for a picture with man and woman

This is Cain, the Latest CAF Success Story!

Meet another Companion Animal Fund success story – Cain Hall!  Cain is a 2-year-old male American Beauford Bulldog. He was brought into the Humane Society ...
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Grant Highlights

The Mazunte Project

DePorre International Experience Fund

Disbursed: $5,000 (Fully Dispersed February 2021)

Michigan State University Equine Welfare in Practice Clerkship (LCS 613b): Providing Primary Veterinary Care for Working Equids in Rural Mexico

Hal Schott, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Disbursed: $4,400
(Remaining $4,400 will be disbursed Jan. 2023.)

The Mazunte Project

Amelia Munsterman, DVM, MS, TCVM-MS, PhD, DACVS-LA, DACVECC

Disbursed: $5,000 Disbursed Sept. 2022
Pierre A. DePorre, DVM

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